The OS for your smart home

With DARWIN® HOME everything in your home is connected and controlled frictionless, from one smart platform. Your smart home becomes more secure, comfortable, sustainable and more intelligent.

Connect to differ with a DARWIN® smart home

DARWIN® HOME is the all-in-one Operating System specifically developed to bridge the gap between the different tech vendors and brands in your home, ensuring systems, products and devices in your home all work together as one single eco-system.


Your home fully secure whether you are at home or away. Your equipment monitored and available for you wherever you are.


DARWIN® HOME offers an eco-friendly solution that works to cut down your energy bill and improve your home’s environmental impact.


Everything is tailor made to your needs and level of satisfaction so everything simply works the way you want it to, every time.

You're in control

At DARWIN®, we put the user first. We believe that technology should serve its users and not the other way around. Our HOME OS makes all systems and devices work the way you want them to, all controllable from one single easy-to-use app, available on your smartphone, tablet or touch panel.

We tie it all together, suited to your own needs

You shouldn't have to learn how the technology in your home works. No clutter of user interfaces, apps or remote controls. No multitude of buttons to turn things on or off. We offer a system- and brand independent simplicity of automation, smart scenes and smart presets, tailored to your own individual needs.


Indoor and outdoor lights turn on, off, or adjust automatically based on a scene, preset schedule or sunrise/sunset.


Fully automated blinds make it easy to control your window coverings of all styles from your mobile DARWIN® HOME app.


Ensure just the right temperature when you wake, to welcome you home from work, or for sleep at night.


DARWIN® unifies the technology that makes your home safe and secure. From building security and access to garden gates.


DARWIN® HOME also works with your favorite audio devices. Listen to your favorite artist, playlist, or streaming service in any room.


Play and watch whatever you want, in any room you want, whenever you want with just one simple touch.

Pool and spa

Adjust the water temperature, turn off the filtration system, or turn on the pumps. DARWIN® will do it for you, wherever you are.


Monitor and manage your systems and devices. Have usage controlled and maintenance automated for a truly eco-friendly home.

Everything else

Add almost any system or device to DARWIN® HOME OS and have all dots in your home connected to one single home control center.

works with
DARWIN HOME OS - Smart home app

Just one app
for everything

With DARWIN® HOME OS all systems and devices in your home are connected. Our smart app offers you one single entry to those systems. Control lights, HVAC, shades and AV equipment. Open doors and activate the alarm, or set your pool to the right temperature and dive in as soon as you get home. Personalize spaces and moments with automated presets or scenes, and so much more. All from the palm of your hand, using the HOME app on your own iOS or Android device.

* Demo mode available for iOS only. System installation required for full experience.

Ready to take your home experience to the next level?

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