Central intelligence to evolve your building and thrive your business

As building owners or property manager, you want to gain insight into the performance of your real-estate portfolio. You want to add value, but also contribute to sustainability. At the same time, you want to create a place where people like being, creating a high level of tenant satisfaction.

DARWIN® smart building OS for real estate, property, building owners

Add value to people, planet and profit

At DARWIN®, we put users first, but we don't forget about your business. That's why our smart Operating System is purpose-built to bridge the gap between building owners and their tenants, allowing you to run every aspect of your daily property management with ultimately an extraordinary tenant experience.


Tenant satisfaction

Nine out of ten the success of your real-estate portfolio depends on tenant satisfaction and retention. This is why we provide a platform that future proofs your property and accelerates the journey towards a productive workplace and an inspiring, engaging work environment. This ranges from access- and system controls to workspace reservations, community features and facility services.

Help your facility managers to increase efficiency, lower costs and serve your occupiers.
DARWIN® OS for real estate, property, building owners

Sustainable, future proof

DARWIN® OS provides you with an all-in-one platform for all the data you need to be compliant to governance rules. Your sustainability goals have suddenly gotten easier to manage. We help you gain insight on subjects like BREEAM and WELL and offer support on ESG measurement.

Having a clear view of your property portfolio sustainability goals enables you to future proof your property in an ever evolving industry.


Adding value

Integrating all technology to our Operating System enables you to quickly respond and adapt to constantly evolving environments and needs. Full control and visualization of the building and its assets enable you to improve building operations, performance and maintenance, leading you towards valuable and profitable real estate.

DARWIN smart building OS for building owners and property managers

How DARWIN® helps you
evolve and benefit.


Evolve property management

Technology innovations, sustainability goals and high demanding tenants bring along challenges for today's property management. We offer all features needed to help you stay ahead of the ever evolving market.

DARWIN smart building OS for property managers and building owners
DARWIN smart building OS for facility managers

Thrive your business

Choosing DARWIN® OS means having a digital guide to add value to your property and your business.

Trusted by innovators

Together with our clients we drive innovation to the next level, thriving a true evolution in real-estate, creating comfortable, healthy and sustainable spaces.

"DARWIN® contributes to a more efficient facility environment in various ways. For us as facility management, automation means less work and much more insight into our services"

Marielle Aldenhuijsen
Manager Facilities
“At first I found pieces everywhere, but not that integrated approach, which we now have. It's really innovative. The right combination of sustainable working, hybrid working and Smart Building innovations is unique in the municipality.”
Ilse Schapendonk
Programma Manager
"We were looking for a company that was able to integrate all our technology into one solution, available in one app, and who were able to show it really worked. DARWIN was that company. The project really succeeded!"

Martin Prins
trusted by

Level up your building!

Get started today and improve your building. Discover more about the DARWIN® smart building OS and how we can level up both your building and organization.

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