CHARLY™ room and desk booking assistant

Your digital booking assistant

Meet CHARLY™! Your personal booking assistant to easily find and book meeting rooms or desks, add services and facilities you need, add colleagues, invite visitors and so much more..

DARWIN smart building OS for facility managers

Amazing results for amazing clients

Smart space booking

Take the work out of finding a workspace

Easily and cleverly book the meeting room or workplace that you need, tailored to the services and facilities you want. State how many people, whether you want to use video conference or just present, or want to add catering if desired. In just a few steps CHARLY™ helps you find a space suitable for what you want to do, and when, helping you save valuable working time.

Adhoc desk scheduling

Reserve your workdesk on the spot

Reserve on-the-spot with a tap on a compact touch screen or a quick scan of a QR code in your DARWIN® app. Or, use CHARLY™ to reserve in advance to ensure you can get right down to work at your preferred desk. Whatever your preference, CHARLY™ makes it a simple, pleasing experience.​

Smart visitor management

The best visitor journey

Using CHARLY™ as your personal booking assistant also empowers you to invite your guests in a personal way. When confirming their invitation your visitor will be able to enter details such as license plate, extra party members and catering preferences. All necessary details to ensure nothing is missed during their visit. Your visitor will now have a seamless visitor journey. From gate to reception, to meeting room.

Adaptable workspaces

Manage from one intelligent platform

DARWIN® provides the necessary digital sensor data and facts, and gives answers to when office space and rooms are being used, how long for and by how many people. Analysing this data, businesses and office-space operators can identify uneconomical processes as well as under-utilised premises and define potential savings. Hence, DARWIN’s decision making optimises the use of space based on actual data and usage.

Designed to work with the most popular calendar software

Seamless integration with your favorite calendar software enables you to maximize your investment in CHARLY™ booking assistant and smooth the way to employee adoption. Our add-in is special built for Microsoft 365® Outlook but the web- and app version also work with a calendar system like Google Calendar, or even fully independent and stand-alone if necessary.

Get started!

Start utilizing your office space in a smart and efficient way with CHARLY™, your personal booking assistant for spaces, desks and amenities.

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