The OS for your smart building

DARWIN® is a full blown and all-in-one smart building Operating System that enables building- and facility managers to create happy users and visitors, optimize time consuming and inefficient operations and maximize sustainability and revenue.

The brain for your building

Add the real smart to your building and connect all your systems, tech tools and applications to one single Operating System. Digitalize your environment and automate processes and user journeys. Manage spaces, workplaces, facility services and all you can think of from one single point of entry.

smart building technologies

Integrated systems

Having all kind of smart systems in your building is one thing. Bringing them all together into one integrated solution empowers you to create cohesion between data, systems and users.

Digital operations

Optimized facilities

Start utilizing your spaces and facilities in a smart and efficient way. Find and book rooms or desks, add the services you need. Invite visitors and check them in remotely. Manage maintenance, cleaning, requests, tickets and so much more. Long story short: Make your all day working life easier.

tenants and occupiers

Smart building app

What if your entire building, as well as the services in it, was simply in the palm of your hand? Create interaction between users, systems and services offering one single remote to find and inform, manage and control.

Sustainability goals

Smart analytics and scores

Switching between different platforms and apps will no longer be the daily base for facility- and property managers. Our central intelligence will help you gain insights, view trends, and respond to changes in the blink of an eye.


Whether you are looking to evolve your office building into an efficient and sustainable environment, transform your college rooms into smart co-working spaces or add the cherry to your home control system. The DARWIN® OS connects and integrates with a wide range of building systems and tech tools, and is ready to bind them all into smartness.

Works with

Level up your building!

Get started today and improve your building. Discover more about the DARWIN® smart building OS and how we can level up both your building and organization.

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