Guides and white papers

Guides and white papers

We'd love to keep you informed about the ins and outs of our OS, product features and our client- and success stories.

White papers

product paper

The best visitor experience

DARWIN® OS connects all components in your buildings, so you can manage and control them in one place. This offers many advantages. In this series of articles we discuss these benefits. In this first edition: the best visitor experience.

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client story

Vanderlande Veghel

Vanderlande has been using the DARWIN® software for six years. Mariëlle Aldenhuijsen, facility manager responsible for the campus in Veghel, talks about the collaboration.

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Technical guides

information and architecture

OS technical document

Receive our technical documentation telling you everything you need to know about DARWIN® OS, our cloud solution, architecture and the way to implementation.

application information

Charly™ for Outlook

One of the unique features of our booking assistant is that it is specially built for integration within Outlook. Receive our documentation on this tool, its integration and implementation.

Level up your building!

Get started today and improve your building. Discover more about the DARWIN® smart building OS and how we can level up both your building and organization.

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