Digital operations to increase efficiency, lower costs and serve your occupiers.

We understand that the role of a facility manager comes with quite a few challenges. The greatest effort is often in even the smallest things. Want to make processes more efficient? How do you optimize the occupation of workplaces? How do you make your working environment sustainable, resulting in happy occupiers?

DARWIN® has the answer to all these questions.

Help your facility managers to increase efficiency, lower costs and serve your occupiers.
DARWIN smart building app
DARWIN smart building OS for facility managers

Create efficiency everywhere

Transform your building operations and add an intelligent layer to your facility management. Save time, gain insights and lower costs with our modular desktop suite, offering tools like issue management, asset monitoring or room- and deskbooking. Invite visitors and offer services to deliver a unique visitor journey.

smart workspaces

Power your workplace

With DARWIN® OS you basically don't need separate interfaces or tools for maintenance, facility management, ticketing or room booking. Our solution does it all.

It allows you and your occupiers to find and reserve spaces, control rooms and equipment or add all services your organization provides.

DARWIN smart building OS for facility managers
smart processes

Do more with less

Instead of using old school processes like e-mail for catering orders, excel views for cleaning and csv files for visitor badges, we tie it all together and automate all processes from one streamlined place.

Take the hassle out of your processes, save time, prevent waste and cut costs.

smart management

Reduce facility workload

As a facility manager you have a million things to do every day. Maintaining your building's performance, keeping track of occupancy, taking care of the internal customer and receiving visitors in a frictionless and hospitable way.

With DARWIN® you will take the hassle out of your daily work, save time and free yourself so you can focus on the things necessary.

DARWIN smart building OS for facility managers

How DARWIN® helps you
transform and benefit.


Transform building operations

DARWIN® OS helps facility managers to make their building and operations frictionless, offering a fully modular desktop suite for analytics, maintenance, room- and resource booking, community management and more.

Help your facility managers to increase efficiency, lower costs and serve your occupiers.
DARWIN smart building OS for facility managers

Increase efficiency

Adding DARWIN® OS as a digital layer to your daily facility management helps you and your organization benefit on multiple levels.

The future of smart building

The future of Smart Building revolves around creating a place where people like being and where technology serves its users. Not the other way around. Diverse use, energy efficiency, optimal air quality for healthy spaces, seamless experiences and strong communities. DARWIN® helps facility managers to reach up to these goals and get ready for this future, offering one single all-in-one solution for smart building features, services, amenities and management. With this single digital layer for everything, your building will be future proof and both users and visitors will experience a new standard in building experience.

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Level up your building!

Get started today and improve your building. Discover more about the DARWIN® smart building OS and how we can level up both your building and organization.

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